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The red clover represents vermont s farms and fields. Vermont designated red clover trifolium pratense as the state flower in 1894.

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Farmers grow clover as food for cows and other animals.

Vermont state flower. The us state of vermont has the red clover as the state flower which is prominent in the countryside and along roadsides in vermont where it grows wildly. Honeybees gather nectar from the flowers. Vermont s state flower is a member of the legume family also known as the pea family.

Official state flower of vermont. Vermont state flowers red clover trifolium pratense was designated as the official vermont state flower on february 1 1895. What flower is the vermont state flower.

The vermont state flower is the red clover. The red clover has been used to treat a variety of medical conditions and illnesses most of which involve the reproductive health of the body various skin conditions and heart issues. Photo by tim tonjes on flickr noncommercial use permitted with attribution share alike.

Red clover flower plant is a wild growing perennial in meadows throughout europe and asia. It became the state flower in 1895. The plant is also grown in plantations in vermont.

The flower goes by the name cowgrass while some may refer to it as the pavine clover. Some people use red clover to make tea.

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