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Sagebrush is an aromatic woody shrub or small tree from the family asteraceae. Official state symbols emblems and icons of nevada places to see in nevada landmarks parks historic markers cities and towns learn the culture and history of nevada.

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Is a state in the western united states.

Nevada state flower. Adopted on march 20 1917. Bristlecone pine pinus longaeva 1953. The official state flower of nevada is the sagebrush artemisia tridentata.

Nevada designated sagebrush artemisia tridentata or trifida as the official state flower in 1917. Sagebrush artemisia tridentata 1917 tree. Nearly three quarters of nevada s people live in clark.

A hardy silvery gray green bush of the desert southwest. It is known as the black sagebrush blue sagebrush common sagebrush or the big sagebrush. Nevada is the 7th most extensive the 19th least populous but the 9th least densely populated of the u s.

The sagebrush is a hardy coarse silvery green bush that grows in the deserts of southwest united states. It is bordered by oregon to the northwest idaho to the northeast california to the west arizona to the southeast and utah to the east. Big sagebrush is an aromatic woody shrub freely branched above from 4 30 dm tall.

Nevada n ɪ ˈ v æ d ə spanish. Sagebrush artemisia tridentata is the nevada state flower. Young stems are silvery gray while the older stems become grayish brown.

Big sagebrush nevada state flower snakeweed creosote bush water birch desert peach red osier dogwood western serviceberry skunkbush greasewood red elderberry cacti allies buckhorn cholla teddybear cholla beavertail cactus prickly pear cactus plateau cholla strawberry hedgehog hedgehog cactus fishhook cactus pincushion cactus. It was adopted in 1917. Artemisia tridentata is also called as sagebrush big sagebrush common sagebrush blue sagebrush or black sagebrush.

Best answer for state flower of nevada crossword clue. Adopted march 20 1917 nevada s state flower is sagebrush also called as sagebrush big sagebrush common sagebrush blue sagebrush or black sagebrush artemisia tridentata the sagebrush has small yellow and white flowers in the spring grows abundantly in the deserts of the western united states. The word that solves this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with s.

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